Syrian Refugee Relief

Since 2012, Giving Children Hope has worked hard to send aid to those fleeing war, persecution, and starvation. This situation has been named the worst genocide since the 1994 Rwandan genocide, with over two million refugees displaced and more fleeing the country daily. As of January 2017 Giving Children Hope has sent 22 shipments of hygiene products, clothing, medical supplies and other relief items to Lebanon and Jordan for Syrian refugees. Here is our chance to make sure these millions of people are not ignored. There is a tangible way to serve those that are seeking refuge in Lebanon. GCHope is seeking donations of new clothing and basic hygiene supplies to send to Syrian families who cannot return to their hopes. GCHope also needs help with the shipment costs to get these items to the refugees in Lebanon. It costs up to $10,000 for the supplies plus the shipment of a container overseas. We need your help to make sure these families receive basic necessities to live.

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Giving Children Hope sent it's 22nd container of relief supplies on January 31, 2017. You can watch the live send off here:


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