Asylum Protection Center

This grant renewal will support APC management, as well as their fundraising, operational, and technical capacities. With spending funds on maintenance/insurance of vehicles, APC will maintain and strengthen efficient technical functioning. And with engaged managers, APC will maintain and strengthen coordination, operational functioning, and effective provision of support to asylum seekers, refugees and exiles, achieving higher mobility, wide geographical outreach and provision of a comprehensive assistance to asylum seekers/refugees/exiles across Serbia. Moreover, with engaging managers/fundraising officers, the fundraising team will be formed as a special Fundraising unit in APC with junior managers and other junior professionals further trained and mentored, thus strengthening APC long-lasting sustainability (financial and operational). Moreover, with managers engaged with communication skills, APC will keep and further develop their strong position in media, and improve their social networks and communication as well as their fundraising opportunities. Managers will contribute to APC to be more active in the field of interaction and integration of asylum seekers/refugees in local communities as well as additionally active in the region, cooperating more intensive with regional or European sister CSOs organizations and conducting monitoring and advocacy activities. Managers will also develop APC volunteering networks, student internships, maintain and develop cooperation with local and foreign faculties, develop programs for interns, students as well as for asylum seekers - cultural mediators. APC will try to prepare and register new programs and trainings for civil servants and local authorities in Serbia related to asylum and migration.


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