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Heartland Alliance International (HAI) is a service-based human rights organization committed to protecting and promoting the rights of extremely vulnerable populations through an inclusive approach to comprehensive health and social and economic justice.One hundred percent of HAI programs apply a progressive and inclusive approach to protecting and promoting the rights of extremely vulnerable populations that are frequently excluded or forgotten by more traditional development programming. HAI is an industry leader in several specialized, often high risk and politically-sensitive program areas, including children who have been trafficked, have been forcibly engaged in armed combat, have suffered or are at-risk of suffering violence of some form, and have been orphaned/separated from their families; women survivors of discrimination, violence, and trafficking; institutionalized individuals; sexual minorities, including LGBT individuals; female sex workers; people living with HIV/AIDS; survivors of trauma and torture; mentally ill individuals; displaced individuals; and indigenous and other ethnic and cultural minorities that have suffered violence and/or discrimination.

Website http://www.heartlandalliance.org/international/
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  • Literacy and trauma-informed education programs

    A project from 3 different sectors in Lebanon

    HAI and Alehsan Foundation partner to provide education programs to Syrian refugees. Advanced English and French Courses for Women and Girls HAI is making an addition to two advanced-level English and French... Learn more

    Last updated September 19, 2017